Businessman Interview with Larry Godwin, Owner of Godwin Organization, Inc. Danielle Grider

Flowers Tech Community College

Guide to Business 101-03H-H1

Charlie Svihlik

Oct 21, 2012

Entrepreneur Interview with Lewis Godwin, owner of Godwin Company, Incorporation.

The person I selected to interview is the owner of the business at my current place of work. Larry Godwin are the owners of Godwin Organization, Inc, the industry forklift and golf car sales, and service company. Larry worked on his family plantation growing in Arkansas after leaving school in the last grade and after that moved to Indiana when he was 18 years old and started working for a fan company. He got an opportunity for an apprenticeship placement at an instrument and perish company doing mainly forklift repairs. Next he started for Westinghouse, rebuilding power equipment, doing machine function, and preserving their forklifts. He then decided to work for Kidney-Wood, a tow line motor supplier, where he was obviously a road technician for one 12 months, he was then simply promoted to Service Administrator. After working in that placement for a decade, he preserved $4, 1000. 00 by working overtime, however, on evening and saturdays and sundays so this individual could start off his own business, that business has become a rewarding company. I do believe it's important to mention that this individual did this with just a 4th grade level education. He could be a very determined person and learned every thing he is aware by watching and ingesting everything he learned at his previous places of employment. Lewis first exposed for business in 2222 East 10th Road in 69 servicing commercial sweepers and scrubbers pertaining to hospitals and factories, as well as, servicing forklift trucks. In 1971 he relocated his area to 846 North Stalinsky and from there in 1974 he made his final move to 1175 Western 16th Street. At this current location the corporation sales and services forklifts and golf cars. The organization also has 1151, 1201, 1205, and 1207 West 16th Road, which...



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