Advancement, Design, and Creativity

Wayne Brickey


Ruben Torres

May 5, 2012

Innovation, Style, and Creative imagination

In this conventional paper am going to show a compare on innovation, Design, and Creativity. I feel that all three of those go hand in hand, especially when it comes to running a small or big business. Creativity is the drive that a person has to attain something, to place forth efforts to make a thing great. That is how typically become companies is because of the little amount of innovators which can be on that companies team at that time. The other issue that a organization needs is the fact for their group to have creativity, to form new ideas and come up with ideas that will capture the interest of the consumers. The creativity will keep the small organization growing into chains and then Whole Organization; they keep the marketplace flowing and full of new items so the consumers don't lose interest in the firm and their items. The design is definitely the part where the company confronts, what the logo is going to appear to be and what their retail store looks like too. The design component is what isolates the companies from other folks; from the way the employees check out the products which can be sold inside the company completely. The design can be part of the organization manages their particular employees and their appearance towards the consumers. The design of a company is additionally very important to organization as well. With this shows that Development, Design, and creativity is quite different things, but yet they all add up to make sure that a big or small business is a successful one. Without those ideas innovation, design and creative imagination there would not be new products, stores or perhaps employment for a lot of people who be based upon these organizations to provide them with their needs and in many cases wants. There is a lot of the same thongs worldwide, but having those couple of things continue to keep our organization running is actually what makes a big difference in...

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