How much does it indicate to be Carribbean?

Being Caribbean is sitting combined with family having a laugh and crying eating residence cooked dishes seasoned while using rich seasonings of the property washed by the Caribbean Ocean. Being Caribbean is sugars spice and everything wonderful. We being a people provide helping hands to one another disregarding what contest or culture we result from because it is normal to us because everyone is mixed; getting Caribbean can be adapting and accepting to things that seem different to others yet is normal for us because Our company is one, I actually am Carribbean a mixture of a Curacao delivered father and a Anguilla born mom but delivered breed and raised St Maartener.

What is that definable Caribbean Identity?

Sharing identical cultures on different island destinations even though we speak several languages our company is still capable to relate to each other. Many Caribbean islands are a area for much larger countries or perhaps nations but we all reveal European and African ancestries. You can identify that every island you go to inside the Caribbean our company is a pleased people. We could identifiable by fact that i was the center with the triangular transact. From Africa to the Caribbean and then to America nevertheless the fact that i was mixed in between that process causes all of us to be referred to as the Carribbean the chain of island destinations which contact form that archipelago where countries where kind and standards of living where designed and mainly where all of us adapt so well, because it's our mother nature we are inserted in a synergy of culture customs and tradition we all reveal some way yet another.

And how you choose the difference between being a citizen of your country and being Carribbean?

Being Carribbean opens my eyes to different nationalities and rules that I will not be accustomed too. Being Caribbean gives a broader view to life outside the box so to speak. Although being a citizen of St . Maarten gives me a chance to experience over a 140 different nations and lots of cultures the distinction is definitely me like a citizen of my country allows...


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