Inside the autobiography I realize Why the Caged Chicken Sings, the main character, Internet, and her older brother, Mcneally, have a very close relationship at the beginning of this new. As children, they were every other's best friends and they had been inseparable. They were doing everything collectively and they in spite of they had their particular language that no one otherwise knew. However , when they first moved in with Mother Vivian, their romantic relationship starts to break apart. " The moment spring reached St . Louis, I had taken out my first selection card, and since Bailey and I seemed to be developing apart, I spent the majority of my days and nights at the library…” (Angelou 76). As the two of them become older, their romantic relationship grows even more distant because of the different sexes and the diverse activities every one of them enjoyed undertaking. In the autobiography I Know For what reason the Caged Bird Performs, the main persona, Maya, and her dad have a very alienated relationship. Anytime Maya views her dad, she considers of him as more of a stranger. On the end of the book, Maya's father attracts Maya to come check out him to get the summer. The moment she gets there, she is shocked to see that her father comes from a trailers with his girlfriend who is around Maya's age. Maya's father invites Internet to come to South america with him to go obtain groceries. Cyber agrees to visit, and her father winds up leaving her in a shabby bar by herself to run off with his other young lady. This only proves he's an unfit parent. " How could he leave in that raunchy tavern and go off with his female? Did this individual care what happened to me? Not a damn, Choice, and opened up the overflow gates pertaining to hysteria” (Angelou 236). Internet realizes that her dad doesn't offer two shoes and boots about her and has no interest in trying to be a daddy to her. In the autobiography, I understand Why the Caged Bird Sings, the key character, Cyber, is transferred from place to place and always has the feeling of displacement, or not belonging. I can correspond with Maya's feelings of displacement. Throughout my entire life, I also have moved to many...


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