Questions in macroeconomics

Trainer: MA. Bui Huy Khoi

Chapter one particular

What is economics?

Top of Form


Question 1

Resources in an economy:

a) Are always set

b) Cannot decrease

c) Always maximize over time

d) Are limited at any instant


Issue 2

Man wants will be:

a) Always fixed

) Limited

c) Unlimited

d) Likely to reduce over time


Question a few

The sacrifice involved if you choose a particular alternative is called the:

a) Alternative

b) Option cost

c) Consumer expense

d) Maker cost


Question four

Which in the following can be not one of the standard economic concerns?

a) What you should produce

b) Who to produce for

c) How to generate

d) How to maximise economical growth


Question your five

The basic economic problems are not solved by simply:

a) Industry forces

b) Government input

c) A combination of government involvement and the totally free market

d) The creation of unlimited resources


Question 6

The free of charge market involves:

a) The free provision of products

b) The subsidising of products by the government

c) Market forces of supply and demand

d) Almost all trade through barter


Question six

A merged economy:

a) Has supply but not require

b) Has demand but is not supply

c) Has supply and require

d) Offers market causes and govt intervention


Question almost 8

In a command (planned) economy:

a) The price mechanism acts as an incentive

b) Resources will be allocated simply by market makes

c) Person firms generate decisions on their own about what to produce and how to develop it d) The The general public sector can be large


Question being unfaithful

The public sector includes:

a) Investors buying companies

b) Government ownership of assets

c) Marketplace forces of supply and demand

d) All operate via barter


Problem 10

Which of the subsequent is a ordre statement in economics?

a) More spending by the govt reduces poverty

b) Higher taxes bring about less prefer to work

c) The UK economic system is growing fast relative to additional European Union users d) The federal government should focus on reducing lack of employment Bottom of Form

The production possibility frontier (curve): the PPF or PPC

Query 1

If an economy is productively useful:

a) Many people are wealthy

b) Resources will be unemployed

c) More of a single product can only be created if less of another product is produced d) The distribution of income is definitely equal


Question a couple of

Economic progress can be demonstrated by:

a) An back to the inside shift from the production possibility frontier

b) A movements down the production possibility frontier

c) A great outward move of the production possibility frontier

d) A movement the production opportunity frontier


Question several

As resources are shifted from one market to another this is shown by:

a) A great inward switch of the development possibility frontier

b) A movement along the production opportunity frontier

c) An outward shift with the production probability frontier

d) A to the outside shift inside the demand curve for the merchandise


Issue 4

Within a free marketplace the mixture of products made will be dependant upon:

a) Marketplace forces of supply and demand

b) The government

c) The law

d) The public sector


Query 5

In the event that an economy movements from generating 10 models of A and 4 units of B to producing 7 Because and 5Bs, the opportunity expense of the fifth B can be:

a) 7As

b) 10As

c) 3As

d) 1A


Issue 6

An economy may well operate beyond the Production Possibility Frontier if:

a) It is not...


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