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Name: A Portrait of the Designer as a Young Man

Writer: James Joyce, Irish delivered (1882-1941)

Time of Distribution: 1914

Genre: Kunstlerroman (novel of artist), Bildungsroman (novel of education), approaching of age Composing style: stream of awareness, Hallmarks of modernism (perspectives, thresholds, and stream consciousness) structure of epiphanies (1. Justice coming from rector (2. Idealization of sin, (3. Idealization of morality. ), The myth (Daedalus and Icarus), structure of rebellion, framework within chapters (1. Physical immobility-moral paralysis (2. Have difficulty bullies, home (3. Epiphany/moment of radiance), repeated shades, symbols, photos, (repetition. ) Point of View: 3 rd person omniscient (narrator), 3 rd person limited (thru the eyes of Stephan), 1st person (Ch. 5 record entries) Setting: Clongowes University, Dublin, Belvedere School, Cork

Historical Framework: Parnell- Irish people disapproved of Uk rulers, Parnell established Countrywide Land League of bannissement British, making him " uncrowned full of Ireland”, very popular among the Irish until he had a great affair and abandoned the Catholic house of worship. Myth- Daedalus makes wings out of wax pertaining to Icarus to flee labyrinth, Icarus flies as well close to the sun, wings dissolve, Icarus is catagorized to loss of life. Plot: Ch. 1 Bob tells moocow story, Stephan wants to marry Eileen Vance, family disapproves, Dante tells Stephan he will probably pluck his eyes out if this individual doesn't claim sorry, classmates ridicule him, Wells pushes him in a cesspool, academic contest, considers of different labels for Our god, Stephan goes toward Infirmary, brother Michael is definitely nice to him, T is homesick, wonders if he will pass away, Parnell's fatality is announced, Stephan should go home for Xmas, Mr. Dedalus and Dante fight regarding politics and involvement in the church, Mister. Casey weeps for Parnell, S goes back to school, Athy tells of the boys who had been caught in homosexual play, Father Dolan notices S i9000 isn't working, Father Arnall says H is excused because his glasses...


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