Behavioral Modify Results

My behavioral change was to reduce my times of bad moods to only four in a month. I wanted for making this change because my personal moods was affecting my productivity. With homework, graduate school applications, and an honors project, it was imperative for me to be productive. I actually used the Profile of Mood declares questionnaire to track my feelings. I filled out this study once a week and answered the survey based on my total mood for that week. I did reach my goal of reducing my own bad mood times. I found away ways to help keep me enthusiastic and productive. One thing was listening to music. I also tried to beverage coffee just about every morning. There were studies showing that coffee drinkers suffer less coming from depression than non-coffee consumers. I as well tried to maintain myself around my friends. They will helped motivate me simply by being about me. Since we have the same goals, graduating from college, i was able to help keep each other on track. I think the results were absolutely worth your energy. I have a better control of can certainly make money feel and We am more productive. There was a few challenges. It took quite some time to find something which worked on my moods as well as I had to practice. If I may do something different I might have used managing my own moods a bit more, just so it wouldn't took so long. I do plan on ongoing because it's a lifestyle choice that is crucial to me. I will need to be in control of my emotions for the rest of warring. I would admit I do include a different prospect on my mental health. I find myself like it is far more in my control. Thanks to the approaches I discovered in my many psychology classes, I have finally come to a place in which I know tips on how to manage personally.


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