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Practicum Overall performance in Singapore

and the Thailand of Hospitality

Students within a State University or college


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Abstract -- This study was executed to assess the level of

on- the- job training (OJT ) performance with the B. H Hotel and Restaurant Supervision and Foodstuff Business Management

praticumers of Central Mindanao University (CMU) at

Musuan, Bukidnon. The analysis had as the respondents the

16 on- campus and 26 off- campus practicumers and 12 OJT

administrators. The record tools intended for the examination and presentation of the data were the weighted indicate, Pearson

Product Moment relationship coefficient, and t- evaluation. The OJT programs had been implemented successfully, enabling the

on- and off- grounds practicumers to accomplish well in their

jobs since evidenced by high ratings they attained in the

work performance evaluation by OJT supervisors. The level of

implementation in the OJT programs significantly influences

the level of task performance with the practicumers. The higher the setup of the OJT program can be, the better the level of task performance with the practicumers is likewise. Being so , the school as well as its partner businesses should additional intensify

the OJT programs in place to completely prepare the practicumers

for their OJT and employment soon after. To make the OJT


Oriental Journal of Business and Governance

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program more beneficial, the school ought to appropriately

address the identified concerns from the practicumers.

Keywords - On / off campus practicum program to get



The food and travel and leisure industry is a largest and fastest growing industry on the globe. One of the most exciting aspects of the industry is that it is made up of so many different experts (Walker 2006). The lodge and restaurant industries still undergo quick growth since indicated by number and diverse types of delivery systems that contain mushroomed within the last decades. The viability from the industry is based on the ability to adopt to global changes in the economy and in the operating environment and technological advances. The very best challenge facing the sector is the skilled manpower, with recent creation making fresh and higher demands for hotel and restaurant personnel.

A related issue of continuous concern is the kind of educational preparation related to industry function. An educational forum about current complications in the meals service identifies its key role in bridging the gaps between manpower requirements and present acquired abilities. The part of educational training applications is perceived as major take into account developing the competencies needed by the industry. It is crucial, therefore , the fact that goals with the industry and academe be integrated and unified.

The standard of education in higher education organizations in the country is one of the basic goals for nationwide development. Is it doesn't basic foundation of an individual in facing a extremely competitive global labor market. As the positive effect unfolds, managing inadequacies which may have long been concealed are revealed. Competitors from every part of the world now present vast array of product or service giving people many available choices to choose from among the products that are found in the global market. Realizing this reality, organizations have committed to satisfy customer requirements in order to gain larger market share.


Practicum Efficiency in Singapore and the Israel

of Food Students in a State University or college

R. A. Arroyo


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