almost eight



and Evaluation

Learning Effects

After studying this chapter you should be in a position to:

8. you

Discuss the difference between efficiency management and

performance appraisal

8. two

Identify the mandatory characteristics of accurate overall performance management equipment

8. 3

List and briefly go over the reasons for overall performance appraisals

almost eight. 4

Discover and briefly discuss the options for " what” is examined in a efficiency appraisal

8. 5

In short , discuss the commonly used efficiency measurement

strategies and forms

8. 6th

Identify and briefly discuss available options pertaining to the rater/evaluator

8. several

Briefly go over the value plus the drawbacks of the 360В° evaluation

8. eight

Identify a few of the common issues with the efficiency

appraisal process

8. on the lookout for

Identify the main steps we can take to prevent problems with the appraisal process

8. 12

Briefly go over the differences among evaluative performance reviews and developmental performance reviews

almost 8. 11

Specify the following terms:

Performance management

Performance appraisal





Critical happenings method

Managing by Goals

(MBO) technique

Narrative approach or form

Graphic ranking scale contact form

Behaviorally Anchored

Rating Scale (BARS)

contact form

Ranking method

360В° analysis



Electronic Performance

Monitoring (EPM)

Chapter almost 8 Outline

Efficiency Management Devices

Performance Managing Versus Functionality Appraisal

The Performance Evaluation Process

Exact Performance Procedures

Why Do We Perform Performance Assessments?


Decision Making (Evaluating)

Motivating (Developing)

Evaluating and Encouraging (Development)

What Do We Determine?

Trait Appraisals

Behavioral Evaluations

Results/Outcomes Evaluations

Which Alternative Is Best?

Exactly how Use Appraisal Methods and Forms?

Critical Incidents Method

Management by simply Objectives (MBO) Method

Narrative Method or Form

Visual Rating Size Form

Behaviorally Anchored Score Scale (BARS) Form

Rank Method

Which will Option Is the most suitable?

Who Should certainly Assess Overall performance?




Do it yourself


360Вє Evaluation

Who Do We Select?

Performance Evaluation Problems to prevent

Common Issues with the Efficiency Appraisal


Avoiding Efficiency Appraisal Method Problems

Debriefing the Evaluation

The Evaluative Performance Appraisal Interview

The Developmental Performance

Appraisal Interview

Trends and Issues in HRM

The time is now to Do Apart With

Efficiency Appraisals?

Technology: Electronic Efficiency Monitoring

Competency-Based Performance Managing

Aligning the Appraisal Procedure


Task Analysis/Job Design (required)

some. Performance administration (performance requirements and appraisal)


Functionality Management (required)

1 . Identifying and computing employee functionality

2 . Sources of information (e. g., managers, peers, clients)

3. Rater errors in performance measurement

4. Electric monitoring

a few. Performance appraisals

6. Appraisal feedback

several. Managing performance

Case 8-1. Beauty and the Beastly Scenario at Tail wind Designs' Marketing Department

Case 8-2. Overall performance Evaluation in DHR: Creating a Foundation or Crumbling Damages?



Discover Appendix A:

SHRM 2010 Curriculum

Guidebook for the

complete list



Performance Management Miscue

Most managers don't look forward to functionality

appraisals. When Heather stuck her head in my business office

and said to sit down in on her behalf performance evaluation, I

realized I had two employees who needed a few coaching—

Heather and her supervisor, Christine. Our company basics

many employment decisions about performance appraisals,

so the answers are important.

Wh e n I elizabeth n big t e ur e g t they would e 3rd there’s r o um m, we t b e c a meters e a l p a r e n t t hat although Heather believed the lady had been performing a

great job, Christine did not agree. Christine documented



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