" The Feasibility of Makahiya (Mimosa Pudica) herb as an Alternative Larvicide for Mosquito larvae”

Phase 1


Dengue is considered the most common arthropod-borne viral (arboviral) illness. It is transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes which are broadly distributed in tropical or sub-tropical countries particularly inside the Philippines. The AedesAegypti Insects are the vectors of Melindre fever as well as the eggs have the ability to survive desiccation for long periods of time, allowing eggs to be very easily spread to new places thus adding to the widespread spread from the disease once left unchecked. Death tolls inside the Philippines more than Dengue issues reached at least 42, 207 dengue case, 193 of them perilous, had been noted from January to the first week of June 2013 (Department of Health, 2013). This kind of study uses the benefit we can get from the Makahiya (mimosa pudica) roots get to prevent the propagation of mosquito eggs. This study will function as the basis for future strategies of actions by the school administrators, community officials as well as the society based on the necessary actions for exterminating the mosquito eggs and larvae. Throughout the history, many plants had been used as an alternative insecticide, ovicide, larvicide, and repellants. The increasing volume of dengue circumstances not only in each of our country nevertheless also abroad all over the world. Experiencing the abnormal difference in weather is not of recent beginning to us. In that case, they are harder to intercept in flight that is why it really is more a good idea to focus on the places where that they lay their very own eggs and exterminate all of them as early as possible.

Statement of the problem

This research aims with all the investigation of Makahiya as an alternative larvicide intended for mosquito larvae. Specifically, this seeks to resolve the following queries:

1 . Exactly what the effects of Makahiya extract towards the mosquito larvae after he was exposed to: a. 80% makahiya extract and 20% normal water within your five mins., 12-15 mins., 31 mins., and 45 a few minutes. b. 60% makahiya extract and 40% water within just 5 mins., 15 minutes., 30 a few minutes., and 45 mins. c. 100% makahiya extract inside 5 a few minutes., 15 a few minutes., 30 a few minutes., and forty-five mins. 2 . In which in the following time duration does the solution be affective? a. 5 days and nights

b. 7 days

c. week

d. a couple weeks


H0: The Makahiya (Mimosa Pudica) extract is effective as a larvicide for mosquito larvae. H1: The Makahiya (Mimosa Pudica) extract can be not effective as a larvicide for insect larvae.

Relevance of the Examine

Among the people who will profit are the subsequent:

To the Students:

This research will create a milieu of awareness regarding the harmful disease through mosquitoes as well as the knowledge they can get on how to prevent such dengue cases inside their respective neighborhoods. They can use this kind of study to increase put this into actions in order to help subside the cases. To the Parents:

The fogeys of the kids will be aware that an alternative solution that cannot harm both their health and their very own children's is available and feasible. Therefore , this study can help them in helping their own community free from possibilities of mosquito environment. To the University Faculty:

In providing a safe environment pertaining to the students, this kind of study can provide awareness to get the school faculty that an substitute larvicide will certainly enable these to use this full knowledge and safety assurance in the present student's health. Towards the Future Analysts:

This study will act as a assumptive model pertaining to future studies of the same character if ever the existing problem offers penetrated in cases like this will can be found in the future. This will provide them the facts necessary to compare all their study during respective some usability.

Scope and Restrictions

This analyze aims to explore the capability of Makahiya root extract since an larvicide for bug larvae. It truly is focused on the effectiveness of the alternatives in the capacity to kill a larva. The analysis will be executed in Ormoc City,...

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