The Man on the Beach

The blissful, enclosed, seaside is noiseless. The bright glow from the sun blinds you as it emerges; that rises like a yellow puppet on the faraway horizon. Crashes against the shore, small ocean wash the night's dirt onto the land. Unblemished golden crushed stone covers the ground as far as the eyes can easily see. Soothing, a gentle sea breeze rustles through your hair. Seaside shops prepare for their time of thrilled costumers bustling in and out with their small seafront shops. Searching to the sea you can see the large cruise ships within the world's border. The beach looks abandoned, nothing there apart from a few marine gulls pecking at the garbage left simply by yesterday's site visitors. Empty crisp wrappers, chocolate wrappers, goodies papers and half enjoyed cones spread the discolored sand. Because the day gradually dawns, small children stumble on to the damp sand, with small and therefore and spades in their hands. Damp sand is required between their particular toes. Parents haul on the swimming outfits and smother their faithful, pale face with thick white sun screen. As they manage towards the shoreline; their father and mother struggle onto the yellow sand, loaded like camels with everything they will need for their particular day. Sandwiches, cold refreshments, windbreakers, shower towels all bagged up and slung above both shoulder muscles. A popular sea piece of cake rushes throughout the visitor's locks, as you stand there you can taste the salt in the air; it truly is forced throughout your lungs as you inhale. Requirements of the surf crashing resistant to the shore, seagulls swooping expense and the solid scent of sunscreen surrounds the beach. The beachgoers spring as their toes hit the blistering sand. Sitting there all day, playing with the sand; kids giggle as their sand castles are overtaken by powerful crashing ocean. The yellow sand cushions the landing for the teenager plunging to make his shot inside the volleyball competition. Excitement bruit around the presentation as the ball is definitely repeatedly, majestically played go back over the net. Small children remain in the ocean; the taste...


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